Illinois chapter of NRA sets sights on Rev. Pfleger

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Sneed hears that the Rev. Michael Pfleger, who has been trying to get guns off the streets for years, has now got a powerful gunsight trained on him.

◆ To wit: The Illinois State Rifle Association, the Illinois chapter of the NRA, is now comparing the firebrand priest, pastor of one of the largest African-American Catholic congregations in Chicago — to the international terrorist group ISIS!

“These guys are nuts,” said Pfleger, who claims a “hate email” was dispatched by the gun group following news that he is hosting a press conference and rally at Chuck’s Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale on Saturday to urge gun shop owners to ensure their weapons don’t end up in the hands of criminals. In a city report, Chuck’s was found to have sold more guns later recovered at crime scenes than any other firearms dealer in the area.

“They are equating me with ISIS, the most hated group in the world, who just beheaded two American journalists, and are urging their members to attend our rally,” Pfleger said.

A segment of the incendiary email, obtained by Sneed, states: “You’ll hear the lies, the fabricated statistics, and the hysterical claims about how private firearm ownership is dooming mankind. If Pfleger takes the stage you’ll certainly be entertained by his special brand of frothy-lipped lunacy. Few will forget Pfleger’s rant in front of Chucks several years ago when he called for the ISIS-style murders of gun shop owners and elected officials who support gun rights.”

“If you’ve never been to one of these events, you are in for a treat. You’ll get to see first hand the tactics of the antigunners. You’ll witness just how low they are willing to stoop to undermine your constitutional rights,” the group wrote in the email.

◆ Upshot: “You know, I’ve been called a lot of things in the name of reform, but being equated with the hated ISIS takes the cake,” Pfleger said.

So is Pfleger taking along a little protection in addition to a few St. Sabina church members?

“Just Jesus,” chirped the affable but intense cleric. Ald. “Ed Burke always tells me that works.”


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