Liv Ullmann to open 50th Chicago International Film Festival

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Liv Ullmann (left) and Jessica Chastain, who plays the title role in “Miss Julie,” directed by Ullmann.

The 50th annual Chicago International Film Festival will open Oct. 9 with “Miss Julie,” directed by veteran actress and Ingmar Bergman collaborator Liv Ullmann — who will be on hand for the opening night gala festivities at the Harris Theater, 205 E. Randolph.

Based on August Strindberg’s 1988 drama, “Miss Julie” stars Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton, and takes place over the course of one midsummer night at an Irish country estate. Chastain plays the arrogant Miss Julie and Colin Farrell portrays her father’s valet. The drama is all about the relationship between these two characters and how they alternatively seduce, charm, bully and manipulate each other.

In a statement, festival artistic director and founder Michael Kutza said, “Since her extraordinary directorial debut, ‘Sofie,’ in 1992, we have premiered each and every one of Liv’s directorial efforts. I have long admired her work as an actress, but ‘Sofie’ was a complete revelation. With ‘Miss Julie,’ she gives new life to a classic. It’s a highly charged, very erotic movie full of powerhouse performances.”

Ullmann was previously honored at the 33rd Chicago International Film Festival with a Career Achievement Award. Twice nominated for an Academy Award, the Swedish filmmaker and actress has received more than 40 other awards and accolades.

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