4 Downs with Ditka: The coach, Da Coach and Da Bears

SHARE 4 Downs with Ditka: The coach, Da Coach and Da Bears
SHARE 4 Downs with Ditka: The coach, Da Coach and Da Bears

Mike Ditka discusses the Bears’ coaching candidates, the possibility of a comeback and “Da Bears.”

1. With John Fox now available, the Bears have quite a variety of coaching candidates to choose from. Is there one that you think would be a good fit for the Bears?

John is a good coach, there’s no doubt. The coach is important, but you have to have good players, too. So, it all comes down to personnel and everything else. All the candidates they’re looking at are very capable and deserving.

Mike Shanahan is a great coach. If they got Mike Shanahan, that would be a real coup.

2. Knowing the kind of team the Bears have, should age or experience figure in to their choice?

I don’t think it really matters whether they go young or old. These guys all have experience as assistant coaches, they know what they’re doing and they have a philosophy in place. So, I don’t think that really matters. Nobody has experience as a head coach until you become a head coach.

You could go back and look at history … Lombardi, Landry … when you become a head coach, that’s when you’re in control. You’re not just overseeing one part of the team, but you’re in control of everything. So, that makes a big difference. But I think the guys they’re looking at are all good candidates, and there shouldn’t be any problem with age or experience.

3. Brandon Marshall was asked who he’d like to see coach and he said you? Any thoughts of a comeback?

No, I’m done. But that’s very nice of Brandon. Tell him he’s a nice guy. I appreciate it.

4. Twenty-four years ago this week “Saturday Night Live” started Da Bears and Da Bulls “Bill Swerski Super Fans” skit. Can you believe it’s almost a quarter-century and people still talk about Da Bears?

We captured the imagination of America for a number of years because we had a great group of characters that had character. We had a lot of good players. People related to that. They really did.

It’s great. You’d think they would move on by now, but if they don’t, that’s fine. It’s fine to be remembered. Those guys certainly deserve it.

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