Call a penalty on Da Coach


Former Bears coach Mike Ditka supports Bob Fioretti for mayor.

So Da Coach is backing Bob Fioretti for mayor. This despite the fact that Ditka is a lifelong Republican and Fioretti is considered far left of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Da Coach still milks his Chicago ties, though he is registered to vote not here, but in sunny Florida. So much for “Bear Weather.”

Ditka seems to think his commercial with Bruce Rauner may have sealed the election for the governor. He laments that his biggest mistake was not running for the Senate against Barack Obama because, as Ditka sees it, “I probably would have won and he wouldn’t be in the White House.”

Of course, Ditka also thought trading his whole draft for Ricky Williams was a good idea and Steve Fuller was a better option at quarterback than Doug Flutie.

Rev. Gary Bjorklund, Justice

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Mitt Romney is yesterday’s news

A message to Mitt Romney: As a die-hard conservative and an ardent supporter of you during the last election, I want to offer some advice. Please do not waste our time again. You are old news. We’ve been there, done that. You did not deliver in 2012, so why should we think you can in 2016? Your advisers and pollsters are lying to you if they say you have a chance; and they are probably only too happy to take your money. We’ve all moved on, and so should you.

Mike Donley, Waconda

Satirizing Islam a form of violence

Yes, because of our right to freedom of speech, we can use the “N” word. However, right-thinking people know it is inappropriate, hurtful, demeaning, a form of violence in and of itself, and prone to incite others to violence in return. Hence, we reject its use and look unfavorably upon those who do so. Yes, because of our right to freedom of speech, we can satirize Islam and people from the Middle East. But why do we not realize, especially in this current political climate, it is also inappropriate, hurtful, demeaning and a form of violence, in and of itself, and likely to incite others to violence in return.

Robert Bossie, Hyde Park

Quinn failed as governor

I read that Gov. Quinn feels good about his performance. He apparently doesn’t read the Wall Street Journal, which recently ranked Quinn’s performance last of the 50 governors. Given Illinois’ financial mess, it’s delusional to think Quinn’s performance was anything other than “awful.” His performance as he left office, with ridiculous clemencies and appointees, cemented his ranking.

John Costello, Elmhurst

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