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Trump on Romney: ‘He just choked, choked like a dog’

Don’t lump Donald Trump in the majority of Republicans who want Mitt Romney to run for president.

During Trump’s weekly appearance on “Fox & Friends,” he didn’t hide how he feels about a third Romney White House run.

“I supported Mitt Romney and he didn’t bring out the people. He choked in the end,” Trump said. “The last month was a disaster. He should have won that election. He was going against the president, who was absolutely not good and not doing well.”

But Trump, who continually flirts with a presidential run, said Romney did more than simply “choke.”

“Frankly, he just choked, choked like a dog, and we cannot allow that to happen again,” Trump said. “The Romneycare is still with you, many other issues including the 47 percent statement that’s going to be brought up again, and he’ll lose for the same reason.”

It’s not personal though.

“He’s a nice man, but we can’t do that again,” Trump said.