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Supt. McCarthy’s wedding registry, for a gift that keeps on giving

Want to show your appreciation for the Chicago Police Superintendent who’s overseen another year-on-year reduction in the city’s murder rate, but not sure how?

Here’s your chance!

How about a set of half a dozen Bernardaud Divine bread and butter plates? At just $90 a pop from Bloomingdales, they’ll “bring a luxurious element to formal dining with shimmering platinum-embellished porcelain” according to top cop Garry McCarthy’s wedding registry at

Supt. McCarthy, 55, and his beautiful bride, personal injury lawyer Kristin Barnette, 35, wed on New Year’s Eve in Park Ridge. And while all their dreams came true when they met at a charity function, there’s still a few things they’d like that they don’t yet have.

Such as a set of Bernardaud tea cups and saucers. If you can’t afford the the full $768 it would cost you for the French-made set, Bloomingdales will allow you to buy them a cup at a time, for just $64.

Doesn’t the man who bravely held the line against anarchist protesters at 2012′s NATO summit deserve to drink his morning Joe from a platinum-embellished cup that matches his bread plate?

Especially when he already has the matching relish dish, cream jug and sugar bowl?

If you’re looking for something more practical for the city’s newest power couple, you’re a little late. Wedding guests have already bought them the $139.99 commercial garment steamer that will keep the superintendent’s dress blues in tip-top shape.

And the McCarthys’ shower will be a scum-free zone, thanks to the $119.99 portable steam pocket that “tackles grease & grime on your stovetop, scum in the shower & so many other above-floor surfaces.”

More romantically, guests also shelled out for two sets of candelabras, so that the happy couple can share those special moments that keep a marriage fresh. The Hampton 3 and 5 candle candelabras were on special offer at Macy’s for $39.99 and $59.99 each, respectively.

But who can put a price on love?

As the Macy’s ad for the candelabras says, “It’s all about the ambience.”