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Election 2015: Your guide to Chicago mayor, alderman candidates

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in a hotly contested race for re-election.

Many wards have crowded fields.

So how do you make sense out of it and decide which candidate is the best choice for you?

This interactive guide will do just that.

We’ve submitted candidate questionnaires to all candidates. The questionnaires include background information, including where each candidate stands on the key issues.


Endorsements for alderman: 1st – 10th wards

Endorsements for alderman: 11th – 25th wards

Endorsements for alderman: 26th – 39th wards

Endorsements for alderman: 32nd, 40th – 50th wards

Endrosement for mayor: Rahm Emanuel

To use the interactive ward map below:

  • Type your address into the search box
  • Zoom in to see the ward you live in
  • Click on the ward you live in to get more details about the City Council race

Not only will you see the candidates running in that ward, but you’ll also get a recap of the discussion they had with the Sun-Times editorial board (for the ward candidates we’ve already met with), videos and recent news links.