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Marc Trestman’s former staff finding new jobs fast

John Fox has moved quickly to fill out out his coaching staff for the Bears. And former coach Marc Trestman and his staff members are landing on their feet fast, too.

The Ravens named Trestman their new offensive coordinator last week, replacing Gary Kubiak, who took over the Broncos in place of Fox.

“Quite honestly, I’m grateful to get myself to stay in the game,” Trestman said during a conference call. “I’m certainly grateful and appreciative for what [Ravens coach] John [Harbaugh] has done. I’ve never approached any job other than to show up each day and work as hard as I can to help the organization in a selfless manner.”

Here’s a look at where other members of Trestman’s staff have been hired as of Tuesday:

Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer – Buffalo Bills offensive line coach

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker – Alabama defensive backs coach

Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis – Denver Broncos special teams coordinator

Linebackers coach Reggie Herring – Broncos linebackers coach

Defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni – Houston Texans defensive line coach