Rose dealing with bruised hip; probable for Rockets

SHARE Rose dealing with bruised hip; probable for Rockets

Injuries seem to come out in the strangest way for the Bulls.

The latest came on Monday, when Pau Gasol revealed that “hopefully Derrick will be able to play,’’ in discussing the game with the Houston Rockets that was hours away.

Later, the team confirmed that Derrick Rose was dealing with a bruised hip, and was probable for the festivities.

What was known for sure was that Jimmy Butler was back, after missing the Saturday game for bereavement, while Mike Dunleavy (right ankle) was out of the walking boot, but still doubtful for the game at the United Center.

Pau Gasol will be there for the Bulls, fresh off a 29-point, 16-rebound performance against the Celtics.

“Yeah, I mean once I came here and made my decision I was re-energized,’’ Gasol said of his rebirth as a dominant big man this year. “I made the decision to put myself in this situation, so I thought this was the best scenario for me to continue to grow as a player, to have the biggest impact, and to have the best chance to hopefully win the title again. So that gives you a lot of energy, a lot of motivation, and so far it’s been paying off.’’

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