Video: Frank Kamisky misses shot, mom hides face in phone

SHARE Video: Frank Kamisky misses shot, mom hides face in phone

Frank Kamisky was a standout in the Illinois preps basketball scene not to long ago, now he’s a NBA draft pick. Friday, his Charlotte Hornets team came to Illinois’ biggest city to battle the Bulls.

Even though he has made hundreds of 3-pointers in his career, this one he missed on Friday caused his mother a bit of embarrassment.

It’s hard to clap for your son after he missed a wide-open 3-point shot, especially when he’s know as a proficient shooter.

The last time the Bulls did the tango with the Hornets, Charlotte crushed them 130-101. Kaminsky went 2-2 from beyond the arc and the Hornets made more than 60 percent of their long ranged attempts.

Things didn’t get started well in Chicago for Frank the Tank, but if he is a good shooter — he’ll shoot himself out of the poor showing.

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