Bruce Jenner is still ‘on’ with Diane Sawyer; reality show ‘on hold’

SHARE Bruce Jenner is still ‘on’ with Diane Sawyer; reality show ‘on hold’

After all that hype about Bruce Jenner showcasing his upcoming sex change on a E! News reality show, we learn that project is now on hold — but the Olympic gold medalist will still chat about it all with Diane Sawyer for ABC.

Sources at E! and inside the Kardashian clan (who still are very close with Jenner) say there are issues on both sides. “Bruce was a bit nervous about how the conversation was going about the new show,” said a longtime Jenner associate Wednesday night. “He does not want to come off as some kind of freak show.”

A second source told me that the network is also a bit skittish about some of Jenner’s demands — regarding what they can and cannot film. “After all, Bruce is very much aware of what happens with reality shows and the way they are edited and put together,” added the second source, who worked on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

That said, the plans for Jenner to sit down with Diane Sawyer for an upcoming exclusive interview about his pending sex reassignment surgery, are still a “go.”

It is anticipated the Sawyer interview will air for maximum impact for ABC during the May ratings sweeps period, which begins in late April.

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