Letters to the Editor: Prepare for a Chuy surprise

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Following his stunning upset victory over Thomas Dewey in 1948, President Harry S Truman held aloft an early edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Not a sure thing! In the 1948 presidential election the media and polls all predicted that Harry Truman would lose his bid for election. The Chicago Tribune even published an edition with bold headlines proclaiming Truman’s loss by a landslide. It was a landslide all right, and Harry Truman went on to become one of the greatest, if not the greatest, presidents ever to hold office. It is unlikely, but the same thing could happen again, and Chuy Garcia could be our next mayor. Many of the votes for Chuy will actually be votes against Emanuel. Surprises do happen.John Culloton, Norwood ParkSEND LETTERS TO: letters@suntimes.com. Please include a phone number for verification purposes and a hometown or neighborhood.

No refunds for red-light runners

So someone is suing to have all the red-light camera money returned? How stupid! No one would get a red-light ticket if they weren’t speeding or failing to stop when they should! I have NO sympathy for them. Chicago — KEEP the money!

Marilynn Miller, Plainfield

Stop video gaming in Will County

Will County residents, we need your help! Stop video gaming near our residential neighborhoods! We, as residents of Will County, ask you to attend the April 2 public hearing of the Will County Board Executive Committee in order to urge all Will County Board members to “opt out” of Illinois gaming until such a time as strict rules and regulations can be adopted by the State of Illinois. Currently, license laws are so vague that video gaming machines are now opening everywhere across our county.

We all know that there are laws regulating gaming at casinos and bars etc., and they are strictly enforced. However, if a future gas station with a convenience store were to receive such a license for video gaming adjacent to residential areas such as our neighborhood, (which is located a few blocks from our local high school), the results could be devastating to the health and safety of all our family members.

As adults, we all know that teens are tech savvy and easily addicted to video games. The questions to those board members would then be: “Who will monitor those gaming machines at a local convenience store?” Also, “How do we protect our children from this type of future addiction, when our local high school is just a few blocks away?”

We therefore ask all of you to please attend this meeting on April 2, or, if unable to attend, write a short note to our Will County representatives regarding these concerns. You can also sign our Moveon.Org online petition titled “Video Gaming Ordinance” in support of our community residents.

Let our voices be heard across our county. We must “opt out” of video gaming in Illinois until such a time that safety regulations become law!

Sandy and Gary Rennie, Tinley Park

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