U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., gives a news conference regarding spending controversies outside his office in Peoria, Ill. on March 6, 2015. After scrutiny continued, Schock announced his resignation, effective March 31. (AP Photo/Peoria Journal Star, Ron Johnson)

Letters: An Aaron Schock apology

SHARE Letters: An Aaron Schock apology
SHARE Letters: An Aaron Schock apology

My parents always taught me to say please and thank you. To this day I see the value of these words. Personally, I liked Aaron Schock and I respect Congressman Gutierrez, who expressed feeling sorry for the resigning congressman. Likewise, I have experienced the value of saying I’m sorry when I make a mistake. Aaron Schock didn’t kill anyone, have sex with a minor or have child pornography on his computer. I’m sure he is a good guy and, as his father says, “has done a lot of good things for people.” It’s going to cost $150,000 taxpayer dollars for the special election. He has betrayed the supporters who either voted for him or donated to him. Couldn’t he invoke the magic words and just say he is sorry for what he did?

Bruce Sutchar, Hanover Park

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No American should desert his post

The soldier who we traded five hardened terrorists to get back has officially been charged with desertion. This soldier walked away from his post during war time while he was supposed to be on guard duty protecting his fellow soldiers.

By deserting his post this soldier puts everyone in his unit in danger. Irregardless, we as a country do not leave our soldiers behind. We just don’t. As a country we will always come to the defense of each other no matter the danger or risk. It’s a singular quality that makes us Americans. 

That’s what makes Benghazi so troubling. Not only did we leave our ambassador and his staff to die at the hands of murderers, we have allowed those who abdicated their sworn duty to create a lame narrative to divert attention away from their failings.

This young soldier, it appears, abandoned his post and his duty. It also appears that he wasn’t the only one.

Mike Simon, Glen Ellyn

Chuy is no Harry Truman

A letter writer on Wednesday suggests that Chuy can overcome his sagging polls numbers and beat Rahm Emanuel in the mayoral runoff, citing Harry Truman’s comeback to win re-election for president. Is he actually comparing one of the greatest presidents in history to some wanna be start up with no financial plan? Chuy is no Harry Truman.

Scot Sinclair, Gurnee

Corporations should disclose all political donations 

We should no longer allow big corporations and big money influence politics. Corporations that funnel money to politicians should be required to disclose their political spending. It is the right thing to do.

Victoria Fuller, Bucktown

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