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Cubs considered playing a season at Milwaukee’s Miller Park

In light of yet another delay to the Wrigley Field renovation project, Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney said Wednesday that the team considered playing a full season in Milwaukee.

Speaking to “The Mully and Hanley Show” on WSCR-AM radio on Wednesday, Kenney said the Brewers hosted Cubs officials to arrange a stadium share.

Ultimately, the Cubs rejected the idea.

The Sun-Times was the first to report the proposal to move games to Milwaukee two years ago at Cubs Convention.

Here’s what Cubs beat writer Gordon Wittenmyer reported then:

Cubs spokesman Julian Green said the plan — which called for all home games in April and May in 2O14 and 2O15 to be moved to Miller Park in Milwaukee — was just one of “a number of different options” being considered and is now “off the table.”

For now, the Cubs say they’ll play all their home games at Wrigley Field while the anticipated work is completed.

But the Miller Park plan was considered seriously enough that the Brewers were consulted and at one point late last season Cubs business executives apprised the baseball-operations side about the possibility.

Kenney told The Score that the Cubs considered playing a full season in Milwaukee.

“With the help of the Brewers we did an extensive amount of work looking at going up there,” Kenney told the radio hosts. “They hosted us, we talked about the logistics of playing a full a season there to try and truncate our work to maybe two and a half to three years instead of four years. And ultimately sitting down with the entire team, ticket sales, operations, etc., we just thought it was too much displacement to move our fans.”

Kenney revealed earlier this week that the right-field bleachers would not be open until June. The left field bleachers are expected to open May 10.

“Losing April is tough,” Kenney said. “It is our most lightly attended month. If you had to lose one month, we certainly would choose April for the 5,000 seats we’re gonna be missing.”

The Cubs open the regular season April 5 against the Cardinals at Wrigley Field.