Dear Abby: Mother’s Day tributes from all around

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DEAR ABBY: My wife and I will be legally divorced within a few weeks. We have a 1-year-old son. Although we have been separated for eight months, she is an awesome mother to our son. A man could not ask for a better lady to care for his child. We don’t talk about much other than our son.

We are no longer in love, but I can honestly say I love her for who she is — the mother of my child. Mother’s Day is here and I would like her to know how much I appreciate all she has done, is doing and will do for our boy. Would it be appropriate to send a quick message expressing this to her? Or should I leave it alone? — HOUSTON DADDY

DEAR DADDY: I’m a firm believer that if you think something nice, you should share it. You should absolutely express your thoughts. While the two of you may no longer be in love, I’m sure she would be gratified to know that she has your respect and appreciation. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: For several years after my wife and I married, we could not have a child. Then God smiled on us. We adopted a precious boy and later a girl, and our lives changed forever. Every year on Mother’s Day, my thoughts turn to my wife, my mother and my wife’s mother. But there is also always that special feeling for the birth mothers of my children. Were it not for their unselfish love, I would not be writing this letter. So, birth mothers, if you wonder what became of the children you presented for adoption, they have grown up, they have been loved and they are happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of love to us. You will never be forgotten. — PROUD ADOPTIVE FATHER

DEAR FATHER: Surrounded by so much love and gratitude, I’m sure your children have developed into successful adults.

DEAR ABBY: Last year was my first Mother’s Day without my mom. Because I was feeling down, I bought a bouquet of flowers, carried it to a nursing home, handed it to a nurse and asked her to give it to a mom who wouldn’t get anything for Mother’s Day. It was bittersweet, but it boosted my spirits on what was a sad day. Just wanted to share. — GWEN’S SON IN OHIO

DEAR SON: Thank you for sharing. I miss my mom, too. Gwen must have been a lovely, caring person to have raised such a thoughtful son.

DEAR ABBY: For Mother’s Day, I want to say how much I love and appreciate my mom. I can never thank her enough for adopting me when I was a sick and abandoned infant. She has been to hell and back with me, but has never condemned my actions. She would just pick me up and point me in the right direction. It has been 57 years since God sent this angel to save me (with my dad as backup), and she still guides me every day. Her kind smile and words literally saved my life. — LOVED IN OMAHA

DEAR READERS: Today I’m wishing a happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere —— birth mothers, adoptive and foster mothers, stepmothers and grandmothers who are raising grandchildren. For what you do, I salute you. — LOVE, ABBY

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