Letters: Fixing pension mess will require years of sound choices

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s city pension fix, which called for reduced cost-of-living raises in some years and eliminated them in others, is on unsteady ground. File photo by Brian Jackson for the Sun-Times.

Now that the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled cutting state workers’ pensions as unconstitutional, and expecting the same for the City of Chicago (as unions never signed off on Chicago’s pension reform like the mayor claims), more than ever we all need to work together to properly fund the pensions of the people who have given their lives for the city and state.

Make no mistake, there will be some difficult choices ahead. Just know that city and state workers are taxpayers and will be affected by any tax increases as well.

Shared sacrifice is talked about by many politicians, but the only sacrifice was to come from the workers. Now with this decision, everyone can come to the table and try to fix this mess.It took many years of political hijinks with funding to get to this point, it will take many years of sound fiscal choices to right the ship.

Jeff Johnson, President

Municipal Employee Society

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Dim view of plans for Dunes State Park

Spectacular sunsets, tranquil moments, and the laughter of children. Those are the images that come to mind when I think of Indiana Dunes State Park. Unfortunately, these moments are in danger of vanishing because of the contract between the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Luke Oil/Pavilion Partners.

The two buildings being erected, especially the huge conference and banquet center, will obscure the view of the setting sun as it disappears behind the Chicago skyline. The tranquility along the shoreline will now be punctuated by the blare of loud music coming from the banquet hall. With the sale of alcohol in not one, but three bars, this will no longer be a family-friendly place to bring children. We have so few places in Northwest Indiana to escape our urban lives. Let’s not lose this one remaining piece of paradise.

Nancy Collins,Chesterton, Ind.

Dreaming of Kanye

Did I hit my head and fall into a coma or something ? I woke up and saw Kanye West at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago giving a speech? It was the weirdest dream.

Kevin Meehan, Edison Park

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