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Superstar Scottie Pippen has turned into a superfan

I know he’s a senior advisor for the Bulls and is likely on scholarship at the United Center, but can you think of a once superstar athlete—owners aside—who is more engaged in cheering for his former team than Scottie Pippen?

When most athletes walk away from the game, they do just that. Fans usually don’t hear from them unless they land an announcing gig or a front office job.

Sure, they might show for the occasional reunion, jersey retirement or old timers game but, for the most part, once the cheering stops so, too, does theirs.

Several teams have their signature celebrity superfans—Knicks, Spike Lee; Lakers, Jack Nicholson; Clippers, Billy Crystal. But how many teams can brag of having a former player, a superstar player as its top cheerleader?

Magic Johnson was always a loyal Lakers supporter until recently. He also had a stake in the team. Johnson has been quite loyal to his Michigan State team, too.

Joe Montana backed the 49ers after his retirement.

Locally, Stan Mikita has been a huge Blackhawks fan through thick and thin. Ernie Banks was always a great ambassador for the Cubs.

Can you think of any other superstar athletes who have been more supportive of their former team?

Pippen is front and center for most games, standing, cheering and sometimes chiding the refs. He’s just as active and supportive on Twitter and Instagram.

Courtside with my man Joe O'Neil in Cleveland. #SeeRed

A photo posted by Scottie Pippen (@scottiepippen) on May 4, 2015 at 4:47pm PDT