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The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate is gaining steam

As if Bulls fans aren’t frustrated enough about the turning tide in the Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Cavs, now come the inevitable comparisons of Lebron James to Michael Jordan.

Not exactly what the “see-red” crowd wants to see.

Has to be asked: Can the Bulls beat LeBron James in a series?Before you dismiss this debate as a bunch of generational hooey, you might want to crack open that dusty record book.

Here, I’ll do it for you:

Besides the glaring 6-2 edge in the all-important hardware category, the bar charts are beginning to even out.

I’m not trying to cause any trouble, I’m just sayin’ …

Hardly a game can pass without some MJ-LBJ reference being made.

After LeBron’s buzzer beater in Game 4, it was:

After James’ 38-point performance in Game 5, it was:

There’s more:

Still, the true Bulls fan knows none of this matters. There’s always one thing MJ will hold over LeBron: