Sneed: Feds lost the tank, not Sheriff Dart

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Where’s Elmo?

Tank goodness.

Sneed hears Cook County Sheriff TomDartjust learned a missing tank . . . er . . . armored personnel vehicle given to his office more than 12 years ago has been found.

It’s in Germany.

Dart, who insisted the armored personnel carrier had been returned to the military years ago — discovered he had a problem last year when he got thwacked for requesting military surplus bulletproof vests from the Illinois Department of Central Management Services.

His vest request got nixed because the vehicle was still missing – and Dart’s office was told they were suspended from receiving any more military surplus.

The mystery is now solved.

It was the U.S. government’s fault.

• Backshot: The armored vehicle was given to former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan in the aftermath of 9/11.

Dart claimed it had been returned to the Illinois National Guard years ago when Sheahan’s office discovered the treaded vehicle didn’t have wheels, thereby rendering it useless for their S.W.A.T. or Hostage Barricade and Terrorist team.

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency was investigating the missing truck.

“I can confirm the tank is in Germany,” said Ben Breit, Dart’s director of communications.

“It’s exactly what we said happened: We had the tank, we physically drove it back to the federal government, and that was that. This confirms it,” he said.

“The [U.S.] Defense Logistics Agency got in touch recently to let us know somehow the tank got to Germany.”

The lift of the suspension is pending, Breit said.

Scary, huh.

So much for government efficiency.

The Clinton corner . . .

It’s Internet buzz.

Imagine the role of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton if her mother,Hillary Clinton, becomes president.

Would she become the de facto first lady at the White House, so her dad, former President Bill Clinton, could keep working on his various causes?

Now there’s a question.

Tipsville . . .

Sneed hears rumbles former DuPage County chairman and GOP powerhouse Bob Schillerstrom, a former gubernatorial hopeful, is being strongly considered for a plum post in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s cabinet — chairman of the Illinois Toll Highway Authority.

• To wit: Schillerstrom was a powerhouse in Rauner’s campaign, but Team Rauner hasn’t yet given the green light on the appointment.

Tally ho . . .

Well, I’ll be gobsmacked: Private letters penned by Prince Charles to government officials more than a decade ago — dubbed “black spider memos” because of the future king’s writing style — must have the Brit public chuckling since their release this week.

• To wit: The missives are not just about the military — they include comments about the culling of badgers and “the poor old albatross.”


Semper fi!

At11 a.m.Friday, the remains of Marine Pvt. Jack Redman, who was killed during his second day in combat on the island of Tarawa during World War II, will arrive at O’Hare International Airport for a final trip home.

En route to Watseka for a full military burial, the remains will be the first ever enclosed in a special caisson bearing the name of Ald. James Balcer (11th), who has dedicated his life to championing our nation’s soldiers. He is a retired Marine and is the recipient of the Bronze Star and three purple hearts. (All caissons transporting fallen soldiers at Chicago airports now bear Balcer’s name.)

Only recently was the grave of Redman, who saved the lives of five of his buddies, finally found in Tarawa near where some of his fellow soldiers had originally buried him. The grave contained his dog tags and belt buckle.

Sneedlings . . .

Graduation day: Cook County Board PresidentToniPreckwinklewill receive an honorary degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School during its commencement ceremony May 17. . . Thursday’s birthdays: George Lucas, 71; David Byrne, 63, and Msgr. Ken Velo, ageless and priceless.

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