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Chris Webber fires on fellow Fab Fiver

Is there a better interviewer than Dan Patrick? Again, the multi-media giant delivered on Wednesday during an interview with NBA analyst and former Michigan star Chris Webber.

Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Webber was asked about the ESPN “30 for 30” documentary on Michigan’s “Fab Five” team.

Webber, who did not appear in the film, was a bit elusive at first. Patrick dug in. Webber relented, saying that some of the stories were “embellished” over time and some people made themselves out to look better.

When asked why he wasn’t in the film, Webber, who is working on his own Fab Five book, said they didn’t ask him to appear until the final week of shooting.

Though he didn’t name names, Webber’s ire was clearly directed at one Fab Fiver, Jalen Rose, who he has clashed with in the past. Rose helped produce the film.

The Fab Five talk begins at the 4-minute mark.

Fab Five teammate Jimmy King retweeted this Wednesday afternoon:

Can’t wait for Webber’s book.