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Reputed gang member charged in 2011 murder

Before he died, Bernard Welch identified one of the men who shot him by his nickname, Cook County prosecutors said.

This week — more than three years after the shooting on Nov. 30, 2011 — David Newell, the purported gang member whom Welch identified, was charged with his murder.

Two of Newell’s cohorts, Robert Goodman and Demetrius Spencer, were charged in the case in 2013. A fourth person remains at large, Assistant State’s Attorney Akash Vyas said.

Goodman and the uncharged man were lookouts in the incident at the street corner in the 5700 block of South Winchester Avenue, Vyas said.

Spencer shot Welch, 20, three times, hitting him in the chest, neck and a leg, Vyas said.

Newell also allegedly fired a weapon toward Welch, who was standing in a gangway when he was attacked.

Prosecutors did not explain why it took several years to charge 20-year-old Newell.

Vyas said Welch’s cousin saw four men fleeing from the scene and recognized Spencer.

Another witness recognized Newell, Vyas said.

The .45-caliber shell casings and bullets recovered matched the handgun Spencer had used in the shooting, Vyas said.

Welch died on Jan. 9, 2012, from injuries he suffered in the shooting.

Newell, of the 5500 block of South Maplewood Avenue, was ordered held on $1.5 million bail Thursday for Welch’s murder.

Newell was already in Cook County Jail for a 2012 attempted murder charge. His bench trial in his attempted murder trial is expected to resume next month.