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Reggie Miller has selective memory about fight with Michael Jordan

Reggie Miller used to take a lot of shots as a player. He’s still taking them in retirement.

Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Monday, Miller was asked about one of his favorite nemeses—Michael Jordan. The former Pacers guard called MJ a “hardass” but also talked about his untouchable nature.

He described a fight the two had in 1993, saying that MJ instigated and threw the punch, but “I got kicked out.” Funny story.

Details can get a bit fuzzy after 22 years. Miller seems to have left out his push, shove and taunting words that precipitated Jordan’s short right. He also forgets the right-hand shot he took and missed. Great shooters are able to do that.

Here’ the actual fight. You decide if Miller’s story is accurate.