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Lollapalooza announces full 2015 schedule; some huge show time conflicts in store

In addition to what was announced in March, including headliners Paul McCartney, Metallica, Sam Smith and Alabama Shakes, Lollapalooza today announced its complete schedule/show times, including some very interesting (and most assuredely painful for some music fans) show time conflicts.

For the full schedule including show times, click here.

For diehards, here are some major conflicts on the schedule:

Paul McCartney (8:45 p.m. Friday) vs. the Weeknd (8:30 p.m. Friday)

Sam Smith (8:45 p.m. Saturday ) vs. Metallica (9 p.m Saturday)

Kygo (9 p.m. Sunday) vs. Florence and the Machine (8:30 p.m. Sunday)