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Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips speaks up about one-and-dones

Since Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany wrote his 12-page white paper about the “year of readiness,” which would make freshmen ineligible, a lot of talks has occurred about how to change the one-and-done rule.

Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips, chairman of the new Division I council, expressed his concern on Tuesday with the one-and-done rule associated with college basketball.

Phillips told ESPN college basketball shouldn’t be looked at as a minor league system.

“Shame on us. We’ve allowed the National Basketball Association to dictate what our rules are, or influence what our rules are at the collegiate level.”

The one-and-done rule is expected to be up for discussion when the current NBA collective bargaining agreement expires in 2021 or as soon as 2017 if the players union opts out of the existing deal. The current CBA says the league minimum-age is 19 years old.

“We’ve gotten to the point where it is time for a timeout,” Phillips said, “and everything should be on the table. Nothing’s sacred. Let’s do the right thing for our student-athletes.”

Phillips hopes the U.S. legislators will get involved and help change college basketball.