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About those Wrigley Field pavers found in Pontiac landfill

It all started when the Pontiac Daily Leader reported that some Wrigley Field personalized pavers were turning up in landfill near Pontiac, Ill.

The bricks, which lined the sidewalks around Wrigley Field, had been sold to fans for about $160 in 2006. During the current renovations, many of the bricks were removed or damaged. The Cubs warned fans this could happen and assured owners they would be relocated or replaced by Opening Day of 2016.

What they didn’t expect to happen were old pavers turning up 100 miles away.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green wrote to DNAinfo on Tuesday:

“I want to make sure to point out our vendor believes these pavers were taken from the site by unknown individuals without authorization. We knew they would be damaged during the removal process, which is why we communicated we were replacing them in the first place, but we did not anticipate someone taking them for misguided purposes.”

This isn’t the first time the Cubs have had problems discarding things.