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Nazr Mohammed staying in shape for next season

Nazr Mohammed, the Bulls’ 37-year-old center, is an unrestricted free agent this summer, and he doesn’t know if he will be in a Bulls uniform next season.

As Mohammed waits for NBA free agency, he has nothing left to do besides workout and play golf.

The 17-year veteran is getting ready for the 2016 NBA season by showing his fans his workouts on Instagram.

The caption to this post said:

A lil late night workout. I like to end my workouts with a handstand or headstand. No days off til after The NBA Finals. Gotta train ur body and mind to stay ready til late June if u truly want to win a championship. Old habits die hard smh. Maybe next year…. If they’re still playing then I’m still working. Right now the body wants to keep playing, so I’ll listen to it. At the beginning of this year I treated it like it would be my last but it fell

Mohammed is trying to keep his mind off basketball after the Bulls lost in Game 6 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and took his talents to the golf course.

Mohammed, who played in 23 games and averaged 1.2 points per game this season, will either re-sign with the Bulls for his 18th season or play for his ninth NBA team.