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Des Plaines mom’s Mother’s Day gift: Lottery ticket wins her $4 million

A Des Plaines woman has won $4 million from an Illinois Lottery ticket she was given as a Mother’s Day present.

Priti Shah’s daughter gave her the three lottery instant tickets on Mother’s Day. She scratched the $100 Million Money Mania ticket with a penny and won the top, $4 million prize.

“I didn’t win on the first two tickets, but the third ticket more than made up for it!” Shah told lottery officials.

She went back to Gateway Newstands, 4130A N. Harlem, Norridge, after a few days to confirm she’d won but said she “still couldn’t believe it was true.”

Shah will receive $200,000 annually over a 20-year period. She plans to share the winnings with family and invest it.

“The next 20 years of my life will certainly be easier,” Shah said.