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Rafael Soriano can help the Cubs bullpen

The Cubs bullpen is one of the worst in the MLB. They hold a 4.20 ERA with seven blown saves this season.

Comcast sports writer Patrick Mooney thinks free agent Rafael Soriano would be a good addition to the bullpen.

Soriano, a 35-year-old reliever, is a client of Scott Boras, and Boras tells Mooney there are many teams watching Soriano as he trains in the Dominican Republic.

“I think Soriano could help about 10 teams now,” Boras said. “He’s second in the National League in saves the last two years. Teams are reaching out. We’re pretty close to structuring a deal for him.”

Soriano has 207 career saves. Last season, the former Washington Nationals pitcher recorded 32 saves, but a 3.19 ERA.

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