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Prosecutor: Man accused of killing mother said it was a 'good thing' she was dead

Wojciech Sadelski

A Southwest Side man accused of murdering his mother allegedly admitted to police that he “lost it” and killed her and said it was a “good thing” she was dead.

Officers found Maria Sadelski in her basement with blunt trauma to her head and body Wednesday night after her younger son attacked his brother with a hammer and tried to run him over with Sadelski’s car, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Akash Vyas said.

Sadelski, 54, also was beaten with a hammer and stabbed with a knife, a police source said.

Earlier, Sadelski’s 30-year-old son had come to the family home from work that evening and noticed it was dark, prosecutors said.

Then, within seconds, his younger brother, Wojciech Sadelski, started attacking him with the hammer inside their home in the 4800 block of South Karlov, Vyas said.

The brother escaped to a neighbor’s house after a brief struggle and called 911. But when he started walking back to the home to check on his mother, Wojciech Sadelski, now in their mother’s car, drove onto the sidewalk, trying to run him over, Vyas said.

The brother jumped out of the way and Wojciech Sadelski, 26, ended up crashing his car into the side of a garage, Vyas said.

Wojciech Sadelski then ran out of the car and chased his brother before hitting him with the hammer, Vyas said.

When police officers arrived, they were able to take the hammer from Wojciech Sadelski, Vyas said.

They found the mother of the two men inside after the older brother asked them to check on her, Vyas said.

Wojciech Sadelski slouched forward in court Friday, grabbing onto the table in front of him as a Polish interpreter described the allegations.

He may be suffering from a mental disability, an assistant public defender told Cook County Judge James Brown.

“He is a danger to himself and society,” Brown said before ordering Wojciech Sadelski held without bail.

He is charged with murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.