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Joe Maddon and Jeff Garlin combine for pregame interview

Comedian and Chicago native Jeff Garlin joined Cubs manager Joe Maddon during his pregame media session in the Cubs dugout.

Garlin, who’s known for staring in the HBO comedy “Curb your Enthusiasm,” is a long time Cubs fan and Maddon’s best friend.

Reporters asked both Garlin and Maddon questions about the Cubs, and Garlin gave some pretty funny answers.

When a reporter asked Garlin what he thought of the Cubs he quickly referred to Maddon. Garlin also said catcher David Ross was the Cubs best pitcher.

“What do I think of the Cubs bullpen? I think the same thing Joe thinks. My favorite pitcher on the Cubs is David Ross.”

Garlin said he was a special guest in the clubhouse on Friday to help the guys stay loose and “feeling good.” And Garlin told Maddon that he wants him on his show.

“If do more Curb your Enthusiasm, I promise you will be on there.”