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Chicago gallerist Judy Saslow to retire, close River North site

Veteran Chicago gallerist Judy Saslow today announced her retirement and the August closure of the River North Gallery that bore her name for two decades.

Since its inception, the Judy A. Saslow Gallery focused exclusively on art created by self-taught, “outsider” artists from Europe that were otherwise not represented in the Chicago’s River North gallery district. Works by the American outsider artists followed, augmented later by contemporary art.

“I’m ready for another adventure! I’ve been a wife and mother, a teacher, a lawyer, and for the last 20 years. I feel fortunate to have used my original passion for collecting naive and African art into running what I’d like to consider a successful gallery,” Saslow said in a statement released today. “But be assured, I’m not going anywhere! Just because I’m closing the gallery, I’m not leaving the art community. I hope this frees me up to spend more time with artists, students and their projects.”

Beginning June 26, an expansive collection of important pieces from the gallery inventory will be available for sale through the end of summer (or Aug. 30 at the latest) at the gallery, 300 W. Superior. In addition to two-dimensional visual art, the gallery has an array of tribal, ethnographic artifacts and jewelry collected from across the world.

The gallery’s final exhibitionvof artwork, including traditional Japanese landscape prints, wsatercolors and intaglio prints, selected during a recent visit to Japan by Saslow and gallery director William Odom, will continue through June 20.

For more information on the inventory sale, please visit