Post: Dog stolen from West Loop apartment returned to PAWS Chicago

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A dog that was stolen from a West Loop apartment ten days ago was returned to a shelter on Wednesday, according to a Facebook post by its owner.

Last week, 30-year-old Adam Johnston, who lives by himself in the apartment near Lake and Canal streets, said his unit was broken into between 1:19 p.m. and 1:36 p.m. Monday, May 18.

He came home about 5 p.m. but Barnaby, a 6-year-old West Highland white terrier, was not in his usual place on the couch, Johnston said.

Johnston said he noticed someone had pried the apartment door open “with a screwdriver or something,” and realized someone had stolen the dog.

The building’s surveillance video footage shows a car pulling up to the building’s garage, a man getting out of the passenger side and walking through the parking garage. A few minutes later the man walks outside carrying Barnaby under his arm and gets back in the vehicle, which then drives off.

Nothing else was stolen from the apartment, Johnston said.

“They were coming for my dog and they only took my dog,” Johnston said last week. “There’s a tablet worth $1,000 right there and they didn’t touch it.”

On Wednesday, a post on a Facebook page titled “Find Barnaby” reported that Barnaby was dropped off to PAWS Chicago after a woman saw someone matching the alleged thief’s description at a Petco.

“[The woman] tried to get a phone photo, but he spooked and left immediately without buying anything. Late this afternoon, a man (different from the suspect) brought Barnaby into PAWS. We think maybe the suspect was spooked at having been recognized, but really don’t know for sure.”

Johnston had offered a $5,000 reward for Barnaby’s return with no questions asked. The “Find Barnaby” account replied to a comment on Wednesday saying the investigation was ongoing.

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