Bill Laimbeer says LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan

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Consider the source and all that but, former Pistons Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer said he’d take LeBron James over Michael Jordan.

Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Laimbeer was asked by Patrick who he would take in their prime.

“There’s no question I would take LeBron James,” Laimbeer said without hesitation. “He can do more. Michael Jordan could score and make big shots and look spectacular at times with wild flying dunks, but LeBron can get you 18 rebounds, get you 15 assists or score 50 if he wants to.

The triple threat the he poses is just phenomenal, and the size—he just physically dominates. It’s impressive.”

The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate rages onBut what about the disparity in championships?

“Yeah, but look at what LeBron has in the Finals right now,” Laimbeer said. “Could anybody else in the world have led this team of role players to the finals right now? I don’t think so. Jordan could not have led this team to the finals.

“LeBron came into the league knowing how to play basketball and involve his teammates. Jordan had to learn that, and they had to assemble some great teammates around him in order for him to win.”

And that’s another walkoff …

[go to 7:40 mark]

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