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Remembering "The Shot": Craig Ehlo hit all-time low after retirement

Former Cavaliers guard Craig Ehlo said he will never forget May 7, 1989.

This was the date Michael Jordan hit his famous shot over Ehlo and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

“Those three seconds seemed like eternity. I kind of ran by and had my hand up. And [Jordan] hung in the air and just waited for me to go by…Sure enough I went by and he let it go and I turned my head and watched the shot. I saw the ball in the air and I can see the light was on. So all it had to do was hit the rim and miss. I remember it hit the right rim first then it just went right through the net.”

Ehlo said “The Shot” will be forever engraved into his mind.

“But I never have dreams about it. I can tell you that I see myself getting a smile on my face and me fist pumping for once.”

After Ehlo retired in 1997, he had a major back surgery and was proscribed hydrocodone. Ehlo eventually became addicted to the painkillers, and he hit rock bottom.

“The whole basketball thing, that kind of came and went. It didn’t matter what I did on the basketball court, the addiction was worse. It cut the heart, a lot more than ‘the shot.'”

Ehlo said he’s been clean of all drugs since 2013.