Does anyone miss Hawk Harrelson?

SHARE Does anyone miss Hawk Harrelson?

Is there a more polarizing announcer in Chicago sports than Hawk Harrelson?

He’s the Harry Caray of our day.

You either love’em or hate’em, dadgummit! (Personally, this Cubs fan loves him.)

Hawkeroo had to miss the White Sox road trip to have eye surgery.

Chuck Swirsky, who usually describes a much larger ball with the Bulls, has filled in admirably. So far, no tirades about Joe West, and his adjustment to analyst extraordinaire Steve Stone has been seamless.

Still, in Hawk’s absence his presence has been felt on Twitter where the voice of opposition always drowns out supporters.

Regardless of the social vitriol, the greatness of Hawk is that in his silence people still talk about him.

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