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Wayne Gretzky scored 400 goals in one season ... as a defenseman

Wayne Gretzky | AP

No real surprise The Great One was always great.

Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Wayne Gretzky was asked about his best goal-scoring season in Pee Wee Hockey. The NHL’s all-time leader in goals with 894, paused a bit, then said matter-of-factly: “400 goals.”

What came next was even better.

“But I played defense,” Gretzky said.

“I was playing on team of 10 year olds,” he said. “It was my fifth year playing on the team. Coach came to me and said you’re going to play defense. I remembered it crushed me. I’m thinking, ‘my god, this guy is ruining my life. I have to be a defenseman.”

Ends up one of the other defenseman got injured and TGO played every minute of every game.