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George Lopez takes photo with Tom Thibodeau and Tony La Russa

Comedian George Lopez posted a photo to Twitter with two former Chicago coaches; Tom Thibodeau and Tony La Russa.

What’s funny about this photo is both Thibodeau and La Russa were fired by White Sox/Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Reinsdorf fired Thibodeau on Thursday after reports surfaced about the former Bulls coach and management not seeing eye-to-eye. Thibodeau had a .647 winning percentage throughout his five seasons coaching in Chicago.

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La Russa was the manager of the White Sox from 1979-86 and won 522 games. Reinsdorf fired La Russa after starting the 1986 season 26-38. La Russa went on to become a Hall of Fame manager, winning three World Series (one with the Oakland A’s and two with the St. Louis Cardinals).

No indication why La Russa and Thibodeau were together.