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Children at Lurie Hospital can now play with rescued puppies online

Patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital can now watch a family of rescued puppies or kittens at the Wright-Way Rescue from their hospital beds.

The Morton Grove-based animal rescue launched the ConnectUS program last week, which allows children undergoing treatment at Lurie to virtually play with a family of rescued animals using a computer or tablet, according to a statement from the Wright-Way Rescue.

Children can control peanut butter flavored bubbles and feather wands to play with the puppies or kittens through an online portal. The portal is now open to the public, but later this year will exclusive to patients at Lurie.

“It’s overwhelming to know that despite what these children are going through, we are giving them a reason to smile each day,” Christy Anderson, Wright-Way Rescue’s executive director and founder, said in the statement.

The installation of the activity room was funded by LinkedIn for Good’s corporate fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, according to the statement. However, the Wright-Way rescue is seeking donations and sponsors to maintain the program.

The puppies currently in the room are available for adoption, according to the statement. A new family will enter the room every two weeks. For information on adoption, call (847) 728-5423 option 2 or visit

To virtually play with the adoptable animals, visit Wright-Way’s website.