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Dean Foods combining brands under national label

Dean Foods will place all of its regional milk labels under one brand as part of a move to boost its business and tout the quality of its product.

The Dallas-based company will start using the label “DairyPure” for its 31 brands of milk. The new label will be in addition to regional labels. Part of the new marketing strategy will highlight that the milk is tested for antibiotics, has no artificial growth hormones and comes from local dairies.

Dean Foods has built up its business partly by acquiring local brands. Among its stable of brands are Tuscan, Garelick Farms, and PET Dairy. It spun off its WhiteWave brand, which makes Silk almond milk and other products, in 2013. Dean also sold its Morningstar Foods division, which makes coffee creamers, sour cream, and other products, in 2013.

The milk producer reported a $20.3 million loss in 2014 as it then dealt with high raw milk prices. Milk prices have declined recently on higher production rose and lower exports. Still, Dean Foods and its peers are still contending with a general decline in milk consumption across the nation.

The company has also been closing plants over the last several years. It closed 12 production facilities in 2014. It currently operates 68 facilities in 32 states. As of December 31, it had 17,246 employees.

Dean Foods: Regional milk brands to get common identity

Dean Foods plans to market its 31 brands of milk, some of which have been around for decades, under the new “DairyPure” label. Still, it will maintain the original names alongside the new label under the marketing plan. Here’s a look at some of its brands.

  • Tuscan: The brand is ubiquitous in one of the most populous regions of the country, the New York metro area. It was founded in 1918.
  • Garelick Farms: The brand was founded in 1931 with its market currently in New York State and throughout New England.
  • Dean’s: Available throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
  • Land O’ Lakes: Centered in the upper Midwest.
  • PET Dairy: Southeast.
  • Alta Dena: California.
  • Oak Farms Dairy: Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.
  • Meadow Gold: Parts of the Midwest, Northwest and Hawaii.