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Jeb Bush wife, Columba, son Jeb Jr., to hit Chicago for mega fund-raising

WASHINGTON — The wife and son of all but declared presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hit Chicago on Thursday for a fundraiser where the ask ranges from $2,500 for one ticket to $250,000 to give or raise.

The money is for the Bush super pac, “Right to Rise,” which is underwriting the initial stages of the former Florida governor’s 2016 presidential run. The headliners for the Chicago event are Columba Bush and Jeb Bush Jr.n who will appear at a luncheon at the Union League Club, 65 West Jackson Blvd.

In the large GOP 2016 field, Bush so far has been the most aggressive in Illinois fundraising. His main backers in the Chicago area were fundraisers on Mitt Romney’s 2012 team.

Host Committee:

  • Kim and Craig Campbell
  • Janet and Craig Duchossois
  • Cindy and Chris Galvin
  • Matt Gambs
  • Margaret and Ambassador Jim Kenny
  • Susan Crown and William C. Kunkler
  • Ambassador Susan and Craig McCaw
  • Jeanne and John Rowe
  • Kristen Hertel and Muneer Satter
  • Kate and David Shuppan
  • Tina and Byron Trott