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5 recipes for peach season

With the start of May comes peach season — and we sure are glad that fuzzy fruit is back.

Peaches are a great source of fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. There’s about 60 calories in a cup of peach slices, according to the USDA.

While they’re great raw, anyone who has tasted some homemade peach cobbler knows cooked peaches are delicious too. And if you pick peaches or go to an orchard, you’ll likely need some creative ways to use up all that you leave with.

Here are five recipes we found around the web that will help take some of the fruit off your hands.

• Plum and peach crisp, via 101Cookbooks: This recipe combines a pound of peaches with a pound of plums — also in season in May — and bakes them under an oat crumble.

• Peach salsa, via She Wears Many Hats: Just chop some tomatoes, peaches, peppers, onions and herbs and mix together for a salsa with more character than the stuff you get in a jar.

• Peach and pistachio salad, via Food and Wine magazine: This recipe calls for slightly-underripe peaches to keep the sweetness to a minimum.

• Almond-crisped baked peaches, via Smitten Kitchen: Instead of a heavy crust, this version of a cobbler uses just almonds, butter and sugar for a gluten-free dish that has the same flavor and warmth.

• Peaches and cream yogurt pops, via Gourmet magazine (on Epicurious): Like a frozen smoothie, blended peaches combine with Greek yogurt and lemon juice for a homemade popsicle.