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Video: Will Ferrell brings back Harry Caray routine on Letterman

Will Ferrell interrupted David Letterman’s monologue Monday night on The Late Show with his famous Harry Caray impression.

“I gotta tell ya,” Ferrell said over Letterman. “I think that this is really gonna be the Cubs year. They’ve got a great lineup with Grace and Dawson. I just know I wouldn’t want to face them. I just hope Maddux and Sutcliffe can lead them in the rotation. It’s gonna be an outstanding year for the Cubs.”

Ferrell told Letterman — who he kept humorously calling “Ed” — that it’s a good thing he’s retiring soon.

“That’s a good call,” he said. “I could tell you’re losing a little mustard off the heater.”

Ferrell also credited Barack Obama with the fall of the Berlin Wall before interrupting himself with old Cubs play-by-play and a nod to Shawon Dunston.

The whole bit is, of course, hilarious. Watch it: