Convicted Hickory Street killer tells reporter: ‘I want to be a vampire’

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Convicted Hickory Street murderer Joshua Miner, serving a life sentence for killing two men in Joliet in 2013, gave a chilling video interview to Joliet Patch that was posted online Tuesday.

“I split my tongue . . . I had a tongue piercing, and then I put a string through it, and then I took the string and I tightened it, and I started sawing, pulling it, and sawing it, and then . . . it split,” Miner tells Patch reporter Joseph Hosey in the video, posted online Tuesday.

The video was recorded by Patch at the maximum security Menard Correctional Center, where Miner, 26, is serving his sentence. He was convicted in November 2014 of the murders of 22-year-olds Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins in January 2013.

His ex-girlfriend, Alisa Massaro, pleaded guilty to robbery and concealing a homicide, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Another defendant, Bethany McKee, was also sentenced to life. The fourth person charged, Adam Landerman, has yet to stand trial.

Miner goes on to say that for his “golden birthday” on June 30, he wanted to become a “freak” and transform into a vampire. He also wanted to get “fangs” and pin his ears like a bat as part of his devotion to the band Insane Clown Posse.

“I’m a walking oxymoron. I feel, but I don’t feel. I see things, but I don’t care about them. I’d literally take the shirt off my back to help somebody, but then I’d turn around and I’ll take another person’s shirt off their back. I don’t care,” Miner said.

“I’m a good person. . . . I got like a good heart, but I got a bad soul.”

Miner concludes the video by saying, “I don’t really have much of a conscience. It’s just . . . when I turn 30, I want to be a vampire. I want to be a clown.”

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