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Bulls' history shows Game 1 doesn't mean anything

The Chicago Bulls have a history of starting a series out hot, then falling apart during the latter part of the series, especially when they play LeBron James.

After winning Game 1 in Cleveland 99-92, the Bulls are in the driver’s seat in this series.

When you look at history, the Bulls are in the opposite of the driver’s seat. When the Bulls win Game 1 against a LeBron James-led team, Chicago tends to lose the next four in a row.

In 2011, the Bulls took Game 1 from James and the Heat then lost the next four straight.

History repeated itself in 2013, when the Bulls, without Derrick Rose, stole Game 1 in Miami but lost the next four.

Fox Sports Live thinks this season is different, and LeBron James and the Cavaliers are in trouble against the Bulls, even though it’s only Game 1.

Here’s what Chicago Bulls fans are saying about Game 1: