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Isiah Thomas keeps getting jobs he shouldn't

According to the latest figures, about 92 million Americans are without a job. Now, that doesn’t mean all of them are looking for work or qualified for a particular career.

The New York Liberty of the WNBA was shopping for a team president recently. Pretty sure the opening was not posted to Craigslist, but I’m guessing it was shared in executive circles with headhunters and all that.

So, let’s say you’re the Liberty team owner and a resume like this comes across your desk:

Objective: To use my vast experience in business and sports to help lead your organization to greater success.

College: Indiana University, two years. Won NCAA basketball championship. Returned to finish undergraduate degree. Later earned masters in education from UC Berkeley.

Professional experience: Played 13 seasons in the NBA and was named one of the Top 50 players of all-time. Won two NBA championships.

—Part owner and GM of Toronto Raptors. Left after four years of turmoil and mediocrity. Still, set up team for three consecutive playoffs after my departure.

—Soft-spoken, bland announcer for NBC. Teamed with Bob Costas.

—Helped lead the CBA into bankruptcy in 2001.

—Coached an excellent Pacers team to two eighth-place finishes and a third-place finish in the Eastern Conference before being let go.

—As GM of the Knicks, helped drive team into irrelevancy. Wheeled and dealed to a league-high $126 million payroll. Ultimately parted ways with Knicks after a sexual harassment lawsuit that cost the team $11.5 million.

—Coached Florida International University from 2009-12 and never won more than 11 games in any season.

Personal: Once walked out on Michael Jordan. Helped daughter, er, nevermind

Does this look like the resume of someone you want running your company, much less a women’s professional basketball franchise?

Let’s hear it for the new president of the New York Liberty, Isiah Thomas.