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Onetime Bravo TV trainer opens studio in La Grange

Los Angeles was fine for awhile, but trainer Jennifer “Zen” Burgos is back in town and ready to get you into shape.

TV viewers know her better as Zen Gray, from her days on Bravo’s “Workout” and ExerciseTV’s “The Skinny.”

Burgos is opening a new fitness studio in the downtown area of west suburban La Grange. She is building the program for Hit Locker around what she’s learned from 20 years in fitness, including that people want fast results. And after having a child two years ago, she gets it that people don’t have a lot of time to devote to workouts.

So she’s created a 50-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program. (Experts believe the high intensity and switching up of moves confuse the muscle — which gets them to work harder — and yield better results than doing one exercise at a high level for a long period or time.)

One thing that’s sure to set Hit Locker apart is the plan to use elliptical machines for intense cardio segments. That’s a plus for those who avoid treadmills because of back or knee injuries but still want a high-intensity workout. The classes are split into four segments that alternate between elliptical machines and full-body strength exercises on the floor.

Hit Locker, which is at 71B South La Grange Road in the western suburb, will have its grand opening on May 30, with classes beginning on June 1. Find out more about class times and prices here.