Q&A: Kyle Farnsworth breaks down his minor-league football career

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Former Cubs pitcher Kyle Farnsworth is now playing minor-league football while training for the MLB. Farnsworth took some time to answer questions from Sun Times Sports in an email conversation.

How did you get involved in the minor-league football? Why the Florida Football Alliance?

I got involved in minor-league football because I didn’t want to look back on my life and say I wish I would have tried. I have always loved playing football and just decided to go try out and see what happens. No reason why the FFA, it just happened to be the league the Phantoms were in.

What about football keeps you in baseball shape?

You defiantly have to be in shape to play both. Good foot work is key in both sports. Being quick and explosive also.

[nicelink url=http://chicago.suntimes.com/baseball/7/71/582085/former-cubs-reliever-kyle-farnsworth-says-isnt-retired]

Have you ever thought about playing both baseball and football at a high level? Or did you every think about playing football in college?

I have always wanted to play both at the sometime [sic] at a high level. Very few people have been able to do that. I probably would have tried to play football in college, but our college didn’t have a team.

How much baseball training is in your daily routine compared to how much you practice football?

I do about the same amount of training for both. A lot of the things I do work both for baseball and football. So I am killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Are you the most famous athlete on your team?

I guess I am the most famous guy now, since everyone knows who I am.

[nicelink url=http://chicago.suntimes.com/baseball/7/71/581715/ex-cubs-reliever-kyle-farnsworth-joins-minor-league-football-team]

What’s more thrilling a strikeout or sack?

It has to depends [sic] on the situation which is better, a sack or a strike out. I will take either one.

Do you have a sack dance?

No I don’t have a sack dance. Its just not in me to go all crazy. Just like when I am pitching , I don’t go all crazy when I strike someone out.

Why do you wear #90?

There really wasn’t any reason to choose [sic] the #90. It was just available so I choose it.

Who’s the toughest offensive lineman you faced in the Florida Football Alliance?

There are a lot of good tackles in this league. I am new to it so I really don’t know any of their names. I just look forward to competing against them all.

Do you think of Paul Wilson when you tackle someone?

No I have never thought of Paul Wilson while tackling someone.

How long do you plan on playing in the FFA or minor-league football?

I haven’t thought about how long I want to play football. I am just gluing [sic] to enjoy it everytime I go out there.

Do you still have hopes of returning to the MLB?

Yes I still want to play baseball again. I know I can still compete and do well.

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