Heather Mack and her 3-month-old daughter, Stella, in their prison cell in Bali. | via video screengrab

Heather Mack turning daughter over to Australian family: report

SHARE Heather Mack turning daughter over to Australian family: report
SHARE Heather Mack turning daughter over to Australian family: report

Heather Mack, the Oak Brook woman convicted in the brutal murder of her mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack, in Bali, Indonesia, is apparently giving up her daughter to relatives.

The Daily Mail reports Mack is in negotiations to give Australian family temporary care of her 3-month-old daughter, Stella.

Mack and boyfriend Tommy Schaefer were convicted of killing von Wiese-Mack and stuff her body into a suitcase. Schaefer currently is serving 18 years and Mack up to 10, though with the possibility of time off for good behavior.

Mack, now 20, is serving her sentence in Kerobokan Prison in a cell with other women. She would give the family members care of Stella in several months until Mack is released.

Mack has tapped a $1.56 million trust fund for attorney fees and to set up care for her daughter.

Mack’s attorney Michael Elkin said Tuesday that Stella currently lives with Mack in the prison but that she may have a local family care for her. Elkin said Mack is waiting for clarification on her conviction and sentencing guidelines before she decides.

“She wants to do what’s in the best interest of her child,” Elkin told the Chicago Tribune. “She loves Stella very much and wants to ensure she is in the safest place possible.”

Of the people who have provided Mack with regular support is an Australian couple living in Indonesia, and they are the likely caregivers, Elkin said.

Elkin did not immediately respond to requests for comment left by The Associated Press.

Mack told WMAQ-TV in a statement that she would never leave her daughter.

“Transition will take time, which I will need to start early, and if the decision to allow her to be taken care of by a good-hearted and respected family, here in Indonesia, she will have the best of both worlds by her seeing my love and consistent presence in her life while getting what she needs close to where I am,” Mack said.

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