Brian Scalabrine gave the Warriors some advice about stopping LeBron James

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Former Bulls forward and current Fox Sports NBA analyst Brian Scalabrine, who’s known as the “White Mamba,” was on the Dan Patrick Show before Game 4 of the NBA Finals to discuss how the Golden State Warriors can stop Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James and more.

Scalabrine said the first thing the Warriors should do, is not allow LeBron to walk the ball up the floor.

It’s going to be hard to take the ball out of Lebron’s hands. My point would be this; if Lebron is going to play 50 minutes in that overtime game then the next game play 46 minutes, why not when he has the ball, why not pressure him? Why do you let LeBron walk the ball up the floor? When you already know you want to play fastbreak basketball, you want to increase the pace, but you sit back and let [LeBron] catch his breathe. Even at the expense of extending out your defense, why not pressure him everywhere he has the ball because [the Warriors] have bodies to throw at him?

Then the Fox Sports analyst suggests the Warriors push the pace on the Cavaliers, and play Warriors forward David Lee more minutes because he helps on the scoring end.

If you want to push the pace, there are two thing you can do. You can pressure the heck out of the ball, and hopefully you can speed up the Cavs. Because whenever the game is going up and down it advantages the Warriors. It is clear as day. And LeBron sees the game go up and down, once or twice, and all of a sudden he’ll walk the ball up the floor. The other thing the Warriors can do is put David Lee in the game. I know you’ll give up a lot on the defensive end, but the numbers are staggering. The Warriors are 58 points per 100 possessions better with David Lee in the game. I know that is a small sample size, but even if you give up some layups, at least you have Steph Curry getting into rhythm with [Lee] going up and down the floor. Everyone is talking about ‘oh, Steph Curry found his shot.’ Yeah, he found his shot because David Lee was in the game. [Curry] passed the ball to David Lee, and made plays. I’m not saying [the Warriors] should start David Lee, but he should be playing over Festus [Ezeli] and Mo Speights. Those are minutes David Lee should get. Especially, when [the Warriors] are struggling offensively.

The White Mamba, who averaged three points per game throughout his 11-year career, said if he played in Europe, he would have “dominated.”

I went over there during the lockout, and I did dominate. And here is the reason why. I can drive the ball to the basket, expect in the NBA, I can’t finish over Mozgov and Bogut. But in Europe, those guys aren’t there. The centers are like 6’7-6’8. I had no problem at the rim in Europe. But in the NBA, even if I got by my man, I have to deal with extreme shot blockers and that’s why the NBA is so different.

At the end of the interview, Scalabrine dropped some NBA Finals facts. The former second-round pick said if James wins the Finals MVP, he’ll be the first player to shoot under 40 percent and win it.

Game 4 in Cleveland will start at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

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