Reggie Miller challenges Michael Jordan to one-on-one

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Reggie Miller admits Michael Jordan got the best of him during their prime. | Sun-Times

Over the weekend, Michael Jordan was doing an interview in France with L’Equipe when he was asked if he could beat any of the players on the Charlotte Hornets team he owns. Jordan said he could.

Reggie Miller was asked that same question on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Monday. Patrick went player by player through the Hornets roster, excluding big men.

Kemba Walker? “No,” Miller said.

Cody Zeller? “Yes.”

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (who Jordan allegedly beat in 2013)? “That’s hearsay. I would say, no.”

Lance Stephenson? “Whew. That’s a good pay-per-view one. Yes.”

Marvin Williams? “Yes, but it would be close.”

Mo Williams? “No.”

Patrick: “What does that say about Jordan if he could beat roughly half of the players on his team?”

Miller: “That’s sad. What does that say about our league? That is sad.”

Then Patrick dropped the bomb on Miller. Could HE beat Jordan? Miller hemmed and hawed and never directly answered.

“There’s a lot of bad blood here,” Miller told Patrick. “And, I have a lot of pent-up issues with MJ. And it would all probably come to a head. So, bring it on. BRING IT ON!”

Patrick: “It doesn’t matter when you beat him, as long you beat him.”

Miller: “No, it matters. He got the good years. I would only get the bad years. I wanted to beat him when he was at his best.”

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